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With Taste-it, let’s go from the best fast food restaurants to how to become vegetarian, and from the pastries of our childhood to the culinary traditions of South Africa. In fact, we love discovering new restaurants, which is one of our greatest similarities. This blog allows us not only to talk about what we love, but also what connects us. There are six of us writers on this site.

Our latest articles on Taste-it

Too good to go
How to reduce the price and food waste at the same time ?

Like this this new app you have to check out, this tip is really “Too Good To Go” ! Discover how I found a way to contribute to saving the environnement, help local businesses and make my bank account happy, as a result of downloading one app !

Bistrot burger
A small budget? No problem

Originally, the hamburger is made of a Hamburg steak, a culinary specialty served in a brioche bun as a roborative dish for workers in German canteens. Nowadays, we usually eat a hamburger at the Macdo next door or at the Burger Kind across the street. Let’s stop the Mcdo and the Burger King and discover together the few Parisian restaurants.

Pizza- Taste-it
Why Italian food is the best gastronomy in the world ? (100% subjective)

For our first article of the “Italian food” section of Taste It, I propose that you discover the 3 reasons which make this gastronomy the best in the world! (this article is totally objective *irony*)

eat better
Eat better and enjoy yourself at the same time !

Between the diktats of thinness and the dietary standards that evolve every year, as a result the notion of pleasure is becoming increasingly blurred. So what exactly is eating for pleasure? Contrary to popular belief, eating with a balanced diet is not complicated at all. You just need a dose of goodwill, then a few good reflexes and that’s it.