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Between small neat dishes and fast food Paris does not count any more its restaurants! Eating at low prices in Paris is possible! You have a small budget but you have the terrible desire to go to a restaurant? Discover without further delay our top 5 restaurants where to eat for less than 15 € in Paris.

Portafoglio pizza
Portafoglio pizza

Firstly, this street food restaurant in the 9th arrondissement of Paris offers thin-crust “pizzas” folded in four. A concept directly inspired by Neapolitan street food. Yes, isn’t it in Naples that you can taste the best pizzas in the world, especially the margherita? A modern and compact pizzeria offering portafoglio and rotolò pizzas.
The pizzas are cooked very quickly in a wood-fired oven and can easily be eaten with your fingers in the street, in a park or at home. The products come from Italy, Magnà puts forward the gastronomy of the local producers: the only products which do not come from Italy, are from Ile-de-France like the beer for example.

The menu :

  • 5 recipes of folded pizzas from 7.50 to 12.50€
  • the classic margherita
  • 3 recipes of rolled pizzas from 12.50 to 13.80€

So wallet pizza or rolled pizza ? low prices assured.

48 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, 75009 Paris

Shiso Burger
Shiso Burger

You don’t know what to eat between burger and Asian ? In the center of Paris, between Place Saint Michel and Notre Dame, at number 21 of the Quai Saint Michel, between two souvenir stores, Shiso Burger offers you burgers with Asian flavors freshly prepared with a selection of the finest ingredients.
In fact, in the blue and beige tones with as soon as you enter the part of the kitchen where the burgers are made and at the bottom a small room. We immediately look up at the ceiling with its birdcages like some temples in Hong Kong. As its name indicates, at Shiso burger we have a fusion between occident and Asia with the particularity that all the burgers are prepared at the minute with fresh products. Angus beef, spices, refined and tasty sauces of our own production, in homemade buns.

Shiso Burger

As for the menu, burgers between 9 and 15€ including drinks and fries. We have the choice between :

  • the normal burger,
  • the cheeseburger,
  • the lemon chili burger,
  • the ebi burger,
  • the shiso burger,
  • the vegetarian burger,
  • the bulgogi burger,
  • the salmon burger
  • the toad burger.

As you can see, the recipes are based on meat, fish or vegetables. The Asian touch is often found in the sauces and the preparation of the ingredients. In addition to the burgers, we also have some side dishes between 3.5 and 4.5 euros, lower prices, it doesn’t exist! with edamame, kimchi, home fries, sweet potato fries and twisted potatoes. Vegetarians will also appreciate our burgers with tofu steak and grilled eggplant or the toad burger with Portobello mushrooms.

21 quai Saint-Michel 75005 Paris
+33 1 7716 96 93
15 rue du Grenier-Saint-Lazare 75003
+33 9 82 60 48 45
DIMANCHE- JEUDI: 11h30 -23H00 VENDREDI- SAMEDI: 11h30 – 23h30

Flower Food

Flower Flood is a 100% vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the 9th district.
Thanks to Flower Food, discover a healthy canteen, 100% vegetarian with vegan tendencies, the restaurant revisits the traditional world cuisine, thanks to recipes concocted by the Chef Laurent Ruben. Actually Flower Food’s ambition is to put color, taste and flavors from elsewhere on your plate. All this at very reasonable low prices between 7€ and 12€.

The restaurant offers Linguine over the Bolognese, Tikka Flower composed of basmati rice, Beyond Meat dumplings, button mushrooms, edamame, onion pickles and Tikka Massala sauce or Flower Couscous, a vegetarian revisited couscous. For sunny days, the restaurant proposes the Flower Bowl of noodles, with mango, edamame, red and white cabbage, goji berries, fried onions, parsley, mint and pickles sauce. On the menu, you will find the number of calories contained in each dish. The perfect address to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Flower food
6 rue de caumartin paris 75009
Monday to Friday: 11h30 – 15h00 Tuesday to Sunday: 19h00 – 21h30

Pikoti menu
Pikoti menu

A succulent mix between French and Korean food. Discover the Seoul fried chicken reinterpreted by PIKOTI. The dishes are prepared on the spot with fresh products by the chef Jules Winckler.
This street food opened in the beginning of 2021, offers fried chicken 100% from French farms to die for. In fact, between chicken tenders, crispy chicken strips, runny eggs and 100% homemade desserts you won’t know where to put your head.

We can taste Pikotis bowls: steamed rice base, including 4 pieces of chicken tenders, served with white radish pickles and soy thumbs or veggie bowls, for people less fond of meat. A menu between 13€ and 20 €, very low prices. However we can find the Pikoti maxi to share, with 16 pieces of chicken, served with white radish pickles and its topping made of sesame seeds, sliced onions and crushed roasted peanuts, for only 27,90€.

Don’t wait any longer, to taste pikoti!

5-7 Rue du Centenaire, 93100 Montreuil

Rice trotter

With three locations in Paris, in Saint-Augustin, in the 8th arrondissement and soon a fourth in La Défense, discover Rice Trotter, a fragrant and tasty cuisine served in a pleasant and smiling setting. Rice Trotter selects the best rice and offers it in every imaginable form and flavor, whether sweet or savory. From Italy, the Camargue or Asian countries, rice is worked in all its forms, colored, perfumed, sticky, in cereals, in flour, in noodles, etc. The restaurant also offers gluten-free and vegetarian dishes.

Moreover, home cooking, inspired by the travels of the founders Lauriane and Anthony, a starred chef. Senegalese dishes, Malagasy dishes, Italian specialties, Thai rice or Indian rice desserts, French rice pudding and paella, the menu never stops. The low prices range is between 9 and 15€, enough to make people happy. In conclusion a variety of dishes almost different every week.

The Rice trotter
15 parvis de la défense
22 rue du colisée, 75008, Paris
16 Rue Saint-Augustin, 75002, Paris, France
Continuous service: from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm (except Saturday 11:30 am to 10:30 pm and Sunday: closed)

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