1. Gnocchi alla romana

First, a recipe that combines the famous Italian gnocchi with the fundamental ingredients of Italian cuisine, parmesan, olive oil ÔÇŽ In addition, this vegetarian recipe is tasty and original to discover the pleasure of Italian cuisine!

2. Eggplant a la parmigiana

A dish that the Italian “nonna” could make for her family on Sundays, Eggplant Parmigiana. It is an institution of Sicilian cuisine. Moreover, this recipe is perfect for a meal that brings the whole family together.

3. Frittata with black truffle

A succulent recipe that consists of only five ingredients: Eggs, Black Truffle, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pepper, Salt. With this appetizer you will open the appetite of your guests! In fact,this is a quick Italian recipe that will only take you 20 minutes to prepare and which will dazzle the tasters of the dish !

4. Oven-roasted peppers

An easy recipe for beginners in Italian cuisine. In fact, This recipe is simple but you will find the greedy and refreshing flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine.

5. Zaletti or Zaeti

Finally, appeared in the seventeenth century, they are small Venetian cookies prepared especially during Carnival. Made of corn flour and raisins, zaletti are often accompanied by sweet wine. Sweet as well as salty, you will discover various specialties that will surprise you with diversified tastes and textures.

Which recipe will you try first?

If you want more informations about vegetarian food just check ou article that deals with it !

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