We don’t all need to be pastry chefs to make good pastries, but we do need good recipes and a good knowledge of the history of our favourite desserts. Nowadays, pastry-making has been elevated to the status of an art form. Modern pastry chefs have made this profession a showcase for French know-how. The cake has become a haute couture creation. Today we are going to take a trip around the world to discover different pastries. 


In Japan, you will have the opportunity to discover pastries called daifuku, strawberry-flavoured pastries. Made from glutinous flour, these pastries are part of the mochi family. Inside, there is anko, sweetened red bean paste and a whole strawberry. This sweet pastry has a very soft, gooey, sweet texture contrasted by the whole strawberry which brings acidity and sweetness.


Let’s go to India to discover the Gulab Jamun which is one of the most popular desserts of the country. These dumplings made of wheat semolina and condensed milk (koya) are fried in oil and dipped in sugar syrup flavoured with rose, cardamom or saffron. Usually made for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, these are the dishes of choice.

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Medovik honey cake
Medovik honey cake

Let’s discover the sweetness of Medovik honey cake. This pastry of Russian origin appeared in the 19th century in the kitchen of Emperor Alexander I. Today, there are many versions of medovik: with condensed milk, buttercream or custard.

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