Between the diktats of thinness and the dietary standards that evolve every year, the notion of pleasure is becoming increasingly blurred. So what exactly is eating for pleasure? Contrary to popular belief, eating with a balanced diet is not complicated at all : you just need a dose of goodwill, a few good reflexes and that’s it.

It’s all a question of proportions. Eating without fear of gaining weight is not just a dream, as it is possible to eat without gaining weight. It is true that when you want to lose weight, you first pay attention to your diet. However, this is no reason to deprive yourself of everything and stop enjoying yourself. In fact, starvation in order to lose weight is very bad for your health, because it is a dangerous and harmful attitude. The key is moderation. You can eat everything, including sweet and fatty foods, but in small quantities. 

Vary your diet to balance it better. A balanced menu consists of fruit, vegetables, starchy foods, dairy products and meat, fish or eggs. Of course, these must be eaten in reasonable quantities in order to harmonise calories, depending on our lifestyle.

Healthy eating is NOT a restrictive diet, on the contrary, it usually means opening up your possibilities in an extraordinary way, discovering a lot of new ingredients, new cuisines and new delicious preparations that you didn’t know existed (or that you just found a bit too suspicious from the outside). The golden rule is not to ban any food from our diet, at the risk of not providing one’s body with what it needs to function properly and of creating deficiencies. It is through restrictions that frustration invades us and is transformed into uncontrolled food impulses.

Healthy eating does not mean focusing on a single meal, as a balanced diet is a daily affair. So if you have a slip-up at lunchtime, you can always compensate by having a light dinner. Take your time and do nothing else while eating. Also, avoid eating in front of the computer or TV, or while playing with your phone. Concentrate on your food and enjoy it as much as possible. Take the opportunity to chew the food well, so that you feel fuller more easily.

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