No, this is not one of those scams where you can earn millions by following easy steps, that inevitably leads you to bankruptcy, this one is a real Juliette approved tip ! I really did won the food lottery by investing 2€ per month 🙂

So How does this tip work ?
  • First step, rendez-vous at 
  • Second step : Sign in and subscribe for only 2€ per month
  • Last step : Enjoy the deals every week, for half the price !
Learn a bit more about Le Deal Ultime

Le Deal Ultime is one of my most recent findings, and I absolutely adore their concept. It highlights mostly unknown restaurants that are like little gems in Paris. I get to discover so many different cuisines for a very reasonable price.

Also the founders of Le Deal Ultime, Victor and Nora, moved by the distress of students in Paris due to the Covid-19 pandemic, started sharing deals accessible to all on their Instagram page. A great initiative to support those in need during this difficult period.

I am profoundly grateful to have stumbled upon this website. Moreover, I feel like it has opened my eyes to the diversity, in terms of cuisines, that exists in Paris. I introduce my pallet to various discoveries. I force myself to eat things I wouldn’t go to naturally and that’s a big step for me. And if in addition I can do all this by not paying much, I couldn’t dream of anything better !

That was my share of deals for the week, but I’m always on the hunt to make my student life better in Paris. In that case, don’t refrain from dropping yours in the comment section !

And for those who subscribed and won the food lottery for 2€, tell me what was four favorite deal ! And if you can drop a like on their Instagram page 🙂

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