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Italian food is famous all over the world. But what makes Italian gastronomy one of the best in the world? That’s what we propose you to discover with this article.

1. It offers a variety of specialties that delight both the savory and sweet team.

First, pasta, pizza, bruschetta, tiramis├╣ or pettole, Italian cuisine will delight your taste buds from appetizer to dessert. Moreover, from Lombardy to Sicily you will find hundreds of different specialties (vegetarian or not) from the 110 Italian provinces. Italian gastronomy will always surprise you with its tasty dishes and gourmet desserts !

2. The Italian cuisine is friendly.

Who among us has never shared a pizza with friends or family? Italian cuisine is a safe bet that appeals to all generations! Its specialties are gourmet and adaptable to all situations. From a meal with friends to a Sunday meal with the family, the simplicity of Italian cuisine will delight your guests.

3. Italian cuisine is everywhere

From Tokyo to Toronto to Paris, where the best Italian restaurant in the world is located, Italian cuisine is present all around the globe. So, no matter where you are, you will most likely be able to taste an Italian culinary specialty. You can eat Italian food both in restaurants and at home (if you cook). No matter where you eat it, a good dish has the power to make you travel to Rome. With Italian cuisine, the dolce vita is only a bite away!

What about you? What is your favorite food?

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