With a student’s budget, living in Paris can be proved difficult. Moreover it has a high price. But with time comes experience ! In today’s article, I’ll share with you a very useful tip in order to save money and the environment !

New phone app’ to download !
Too Good To Go – https://toogoodtogo.fr/fr

When I first moved to Paris, I quickly understood that money was going to be a crub to my greed. But with a little help I came across “Too Good To Go”, an amazing phone app ! The concept is very simple, the users connect with food businesses around them via the plaform, such as bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. The shops can sell their unsold items of the day for a lower price in the form of a basket to pick up.

From one side, you can make a small profit on products that would have gone to waste otherwise. And on the other side, you can make a good action, enjoy quality products and save money. That’s what I call a win-win !

How does it work ?
The map

After a quick registration – an email address and a password are sufficient – you can access the map where all the partner establishments are geolocated. The partners select a timetable for pick up, it is often at the end of the day.

There is one thing to know, the content of your basket is often a mystery, because the owners deal with what is left and can’t predict the sales of the day. Sweet or salty, in my experience, the surprise was always a good one !

I hope you like this tip to save money and the environnement, here are three of my favorite shops in Paris on the app :

  • Eric Kayser’s bakeries
  • Ten Belles Bread coffee shop
  • Naturalia market

Feel free to share yours in the comments !

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