Hello ! We are six writers on this website. We love to discover new restaurants, which is one of our biggest common points. This blog allows us not only to talk about what we like but what links us. Here are short presentations of each member of the group 🙂

Gabrielle Sansen

Hey ! My name is Gabrielle, I am 19 years old and I am a student in the second year of communication. What I like to do in my free time is to create clothes and accessories, I also do pottery and mountain biking with my boyfriend. My dream would be to travel around the world with friends or relatives because I love discovering new cultures, new people and learning to live in their own way. Moreover, my astrological sign is cancer, which tells me that I am sensitive, empathetic but also very close to my friends.

Sarah Fongue

I’m Sarah, I am 21 years old, and I am a French student in a school of communication and marketing. Firstly, I am a dynamic person and open to new technologies as well as to culture. Rich in my many sporting and artistic experiences, I am always cheerful and reliable, ready to discover new things. Furthermore, I’m passionate about dance, photography and video editing. 

As well, I like to walk around Paris, and discover new spots to pose, to take pictures. Therefore, on this blog, I will generally talk about good addresses in Paris and influencers to follow !

Marion Bensoussan

My name is Marion, I am 20 years old, and a 2nd year student in communication at ISCOM in Paris. I like to learn about other cultures. Actually, I am passionate about cinema and sewing, and I try my best to improve in cooking and video editing. Ecology is a very important subject for me. Lastly, I also like to be in contact with people, which is something I miss in these times of pandemic. 

So, on this blog, I will talk mostly about how to eat well while enjoying your meal.

Audrey Fensie

I’m Audrey, I am 19 years and I am a 2nd year student in communication at ISCOM in Paris. In my spare time I like to educate myself on a variety of subjects by watching movies and documentaries and reading books. One of the subjects that interests me greatly is ecology. I also enjoy cooking and traveling. 

On this website I will be the Italian food specialist.

Jennifer DaSilva

Hi ! My name is Jennifer, and I am 20 years old. I am a second-year student in communication at ISCOM in Paris. Passionate about creative work, I love to isolate myself for a moment in my universe to draw, paint, crochet or anything else! Very curious person who loves to discover new things. Travelling the world to discover its wonders is one of my life goals. That’s why on this blog, I will reveal to you my culinary discoveries of the world!

Juliette Burillon

Hello readers ! I’m Juliette, a 20 years old french student at ISCOM Paris. As a communication student, I enjoy challenges and being creative. I like to learn something new everyday, and would love to share mine with you ! Leaving alone in Paris with a student budget, I have developed a lot of tips especially concerning food, and that is what I will write about in this blog.