Welcome to a whole new world of tips, made specifically for students living on a budget in Paris. Join my journey of saving money and eating good food for every meals !

Too Good

How to reduce the price and food waste at the same time ?

Like this this new app you have to check out, this tip is really “Too Good To Go” ! Discover how I found a way to contribute to saving the environnement, help local businesses and make my bank account happy, as a result of downloading one app !

I won the food lottery by investing 2€ per month ?

I am about to change your student life with this tip, if like me you love street food but also discounts, then you find yourself on the right page. So, come see how to invest 2€ per months can make your student life in Paris so much better 😉 In order to see this tip, click on the article !

Le Deal Ultime

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